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Hello I am Franzl,
the mascot of Franzenhof!

I invite you to a round tour to get to know to the farm- and holiday yard of the family Markhart.

No matter, if you are coming as a couple or with your family, I will promise you exciting and relaxing holiday days nearby Lake Constance.

The farmyard is located in the outskirts of Azenweiler, at the sunny slope of the "Höchsten" at a height of 700m. Azenweiler is a district of the community Deggenhausertal, which is imbedded between the mountain ranges of the "Gehrenberg" in the south, of the "Höchsten" in the north and the "Heiligenberger" mountain ranges in the west. The "Bodensee" is approx. 18km away from us. The exact location you will find out under Contact.

Lagekarte Franzenhof - Deggenhausertal

The big cow barn is the home of our cows. During the summer time the cows are indeed on the feedlot at day and night and are just coming in for feeding.

The holiday-house is situated in the middle of the farmyard. When the farmer drives over with the tractor many of the "small" people cannot be fast enough outside, as they know: NOW SOMETHING IS GOING TO BE HAPPENING!

Here in the pig barn lives Fanny, the motherpig. If we are lucky, we can expect some little piglets from her in spring. The pigs always are curious and hungry. When somebody is walking over, they are starting to grunt excitedly. Sometimes they are getting so docile, that you can crawl them at the stomach.

In the big barn the tractors and lots of machines are situated, which the farmer needs and also the corn, which will be fed to the cows, is stored in here. The big barn is not a playground.

In the distillery the house-schnapps will be made out of fruits, which will be collected in autumn. The big kiln and the huge plastic tanks and wooden casks are looking quite mysteriously, but the farmer likes to explain how it is functioning and without a test swallow nobody will get out of here.

In the fowls barn the fowls and the ducks living together. Here you can - together with the countrywoman - pick up your own breakfast-egg, which is sometimes still quite warm.