Hospitality has been a key aspect on the Franzenhof for 25 years by now. It is always a great pleasure for us to welcome former guests' children as young adults now with their own children.

There are no foreigners – only friends that we have not met yet.

Farmer Gustel is the heart and soul of the agricultural business. The master of horses and tractors has got many young and old fans and guarantees fun during the holidays. And of course, there is always some work to do with farmer Gustel: whether on the field, the meadow, in the forest …
And should there be no work left to do, he will spontaneously put the carriage at the tractor from time to time and will just make a country drive, or will play cards with our guests enthusiastically.

Your first and often last contact will most likely be with the farmer's wife Susanne. She is responsible for the organisation of the farm, the communication by email and letter, everything concerning the flats and the payment in the end, too. In addition, she looks after the flowers and plants around the house and tries to create a pleasant atmosphere everywhere.

In the meantime, we are supported passionately by our children: Alexander with his green thumb is the master of the vegetable garden. Those who want to nibble a carrot or need a juicy tomato for a snack or a fresh lettuce for the barbecue evening, simply contact him.

For the time being, our daughter Bianca suddenly appears at the weekends or during university vacation. She loves her cats and horses and helps her mum..

And this is our 'staff': our rabbits, cuddling cats, sheep, porks and hens.

The History of the Franzenhof

spring in the deggenhausertal

The Franzenhof has evidently been owned by the family since the 17th century at least. Since then, numerous generations have endeavoured to maintain the inheritance and to adapt it to present requirements. Many people have lived and worked on the farm up to the late fifties: The whole family mucked in, also the young children had to help and assisted in milking the cows in the morning before school. Servants and farm girls, unmarried family members and even a family of refugees that had found refuge on the farm worked from morning to night. Day labourers from the village also helped during the harvest and in the forest. But gradually the workers moved to the aspiring factories near Lake Constance where they could earn more and human labour was replaced by machines. The first tractor with a wood carburettor caused a sensation during the war. Tractors, threshing machines and milking machines arrived on the farm. Bulls moved in the stables.

Until the end of 2010, the agricultural company consisting of dairy cattle, farming, forestry and distillery yielded the principal income. The decision that we took in 1993, after the birth of our sons, to build up a second source of income by running first two holiday flats proved to be a stroke of luck. Firmly tied to the farm by dairy cattle, we brought the whole wild world to our farm and discovered our passion for hospitality. The fire in the cow stables in summer 1994, which had first represented a catastrophe and huge challenge, then offered us the chance to expand our second source of income “Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof” by constructing the new building for our holiday flats in 1998.

Low milk prices, an outdated milking machine and missing prospects for the future forced us to give up dairy farming in 2010. A small herd of suckler cows still lived in the large cow stable until the end of 2017.

In the early 2000s, we took the chance to erect photovoltaic systems on our roofs and today, we could cover our energy needs autonomously.

The next challenge to take now is the organisation of future succession on the farm and you can be keen to see how the next generation will approach this task.

Seating corner in front of the guest house

The seating corner in front of the entrance of the guest house. Here, you can talk wonderful with other guests, keep an eye on your children and you can see when farmer Gustl is arriving and leaving on his tractor. A calm spot but central!
Michaela R.

Our favourite place is at the table in front of the big farmhouse. Here you always
meet somebody for a nice chat in between times and have a good look on many things around. Thus, you can let the children jump around. Family N.

With a cup of coffee on the bench in front of the guest house in warm sunshine and let your gaze wander into the distance when the weather is nice. The Alps then appear in all their glory.
Family B. / Family R

In the seating corner in front of the guest house
you can enjoy wonderful flowers.
Familie N.

Favourite place with the pot-bellied pigs

Our favourite place is on the bench in front of the pot-bellied pigs.
Family H. / Family W.

The small bench in front of the closing for the teacup pigs …
here you can catch some sun and chat with Mr. Darcy in the meantime ;-)
Christine Z.

Favourite place at the campfire

At the campfire …
because there you can always have a chat with nice people, find something to eat
and Gustel often passes / gets past with his home-made schnapps.
Holger W.

At the campfire / the barbecue fire …
it is a pleasant place where you can always begin talks with new or well-known nice people.
Silke W.

… sitting around the barbecue fire
together with the farmer's family having a schnapps-tasting session

Favourite place on the tractor with farmer Gustl

My favourite place on the Franzenhof is the tractor
because I can drive together with Gustl in the forest and on the meadows and help him.
In my opinion, working with Gustl is the greatest holiday that I can spend.
Silas O.

My absolute favourite place is on the tractor with farmer Gustl.

Nico's and Lenny's favourite place is with Gustl on the tractor.
Martin S.

Our ponies are looking forward to meeting you

Our ponies are looking forward to meeting you
Fernando, Gina and Flicka are being led to the paddock where they get
some grooming and loving care after a long ride.

Some of our ponies present themselves personally to you below:
These are Max who loves fast rides,
Flicka with her flaxen mane,
Stritzi our pensioner
as well as cheeky Napoleon.


has got a bright fur and a flaxen mane. She is good-natured, greedy and brave.
She loves rides and being led by self-confident people.


who is being tickled is dark brown with dark legs. He is curious, cheeky and
somewhat quieter than Napoleon. He likes walking and rides with beginners
and somewhat experienced riders.


is brown with striped legs. He is curious and attentive and loves fast
rides with experienced riders.


is silver-grey with dark legs. He is cheeky, curious and active. Napoleon loves
walking and rides in groups. He needs experienced people and
self-confident guides.


is black-brown. He is cheeky, curious and greedy.
Stritzi likes short walks in groups or alone.
Only light children can sit on him because he is already a pensioner.


our donkey, who cannot be left out, is cuddly and friendly.
He likes running behind the other horses but sometimes he is also out alone.


Campfire with sausages and bread on a stick

Our reading and playing room

In our reading and playing room you can rummage in our small farm library.

Reading can be so beautiful in the comfortable armchairs or the snuggle corner.

Or simply have a look at the party games and play in good company?

…. and what about driving some fast go-kart rounds on the farm -

… or romping around on the hay slide in the barn?


The volleyball court is behind the guest house on the meadow.
Sport enthusiasts meet there either for a match over or into the net.
Fun is for sure in any case and later you can have a thirst quencher at the barbecue site.


Both children and adults love jumping on the trampoline.


Horse riding in a group or with a guide in the nature round the Franzenhof is an event that will never lose its adventurous fascination.

Or what about SwinGolf, swimming or having a sauna?

SWINGOLF im Deggenhausertal

Teeing off and having fun. In addition to golfing, the SwinGolf course offers a fantastic look on the Lake Constance and the Alps.

Aquatal in Wittenhofen

Plashing about and swimming to one's heart's content in the bathing area of Aquatal in Wittenhofen.

Hiking, mountain biking, cycling tours

The wonderful surroundings of the Franzenhof offer hiking and cycling possibilities for
everybody. You can enjoy the fresh air around the Lake Constance by doing a leisurely walk or hiking extendedly or making different cycling tours.

For more detailed information, have a look at our column 'day trips”. Have a lot of fun! 

Favorite places for relaxing

Eine Schnapsprobe mit Gustl's Selbstgebranntem

ist ein absolutes Highlight auf dem Franzenhof.
Leckere, 9 verschiedene Schnäpse und Liköre warten auf's Probieren.

Endlich mal zum Lesen kommen

Ob im gemütlichen Lesezimmer oder auf dem Palettensofa - überall gibt es Möglichkeiten sich mit der Lieblingslektüre zurückzuziehen und einfach mal in Ruhe zu schmökern.

Wellnessoase für

Sie möchten mit Ihrer Familie einen Nachmittag oder Abend ganz exklusiv in unserem Wellnessbereich entspannen? - Gerne stellen wir Ihnen und Ihrer Familie für 30,- €uro Sauna, Infrarotwärmekabine und Whirlwanne mit Aromabad 2-3 Stunden zur alleinigen Nutzung zur Verfügung.

Gerne können Sie unsere Einrichtungen aber auch einzeln nutzen.

In unserem Wellnessbereich steht für die Kleinen eine Kinderspielecke zur Verfügung.

Pro Urlaubswoche entspannen Sie einmal ganz kostenlos.

1 Person    10,- €uro    
jede weitere Person +5€

In unserem Saunabereich steht selbstverständlich
für Sie ein Getränkekühlschrank mit Wasser und Säften zur Verfügung.

eine Person 7,50 €uro, jede weitere Person + 2,50 €uro

Danke für Ihre Bilder!

Über uns

On the Franzenhof you are not a customer but a guest and you don't find any staff here but attentive hosts placing the demand on themselves that your holidays near the Lake Constance are special / high days for the whole family.

"There are no foreigners – only friends that we have not met yet."
(Irish Wisdom)

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