Our ponies are looking forward to meeting you

Our ponies are looking forward to meeting you
Fernando, Gina and Flicka are being led to the paddock where they get
some grooming and loving care after a long ride.

Some of our ponies present themselves personally to you below:
These are Max who loves fast rides,
Flicka with her flaxen mane,
Stritzi our pensioner
as well as cheeky Napoleon.


has got a bright fur and a flaxen mane. She is good-natured, greedy and brave.
She loves rides and being led by self-confident people.


who is being tickled is dark brown with dark legs. He is curious, cheeky and
somewhat quieter than Napoleon. He likes walking and rides with beginners
and somewhat experienced riders.


is brown with striped legs. He is curious and attentive and loves fast
rides with experienced riders.


is silver-grey with dark legs. He is cheeky, curious and active. Napoleon loves
walking and rides in groups. He needs experienced people and
self-confident guides.


is black-brown. He is cheeky, curious and greedy.
Stritzi likes short walks in groups or alone.
Only light children can sit on him because he is already a pensioner.


our donkey, who cannot be left out, is cuddly and friendly.
He likes running behind the other horses but sometimes he is also out alone.


Campfire with sausages and bread on a stick

Our reading and playing room

In our reading and playing room you can rummage in our small farm library.

Reading can be so beautiful in the comfortable armchairs or the snuggle corner.

Or simply have a look at the party games and play in good company?

…. and what about driving some fast go-kart rounds on the farm -

… or romping around on the hay slide in the barn?

Danke für Ihre Bilder!

Über uns

On the Franzenhof you are not a customer but a guest and you don't find any staff here but attentive hosts placing the demand on themselves that your holidays near the Lake Constance are special / high days for the whole family.

"There are no foreigners – only friends that we have not met yet."
(Irish Wisdom)

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