Seating corner in front of the guest house

The seating corner in front of the entrance of the guest house. Here, you can talk wonderful with other guests, keep an eye on your children and you can see when farmer Gustl is arriving and leaving on his tractor. A calm spot but central!
Michaela R.

Our favourite place is at the table in front of the big farmhouse. Here you always
meet somebody for a nice chat in between times and have a good look on many things around. Thus, you can let the children jump around. Family N.

With a cup of coffee on the bench in front of the guest house in warm sunshine and let your gaze wander into the distance when the weather is nice. The Alps then appear in all their glory.
Family B. / Family R

In the seating corner in front of the guest house
you can enjoy wonderful flowers.
Familie N.

Favourite place with the pot-bellied pigs

Our favourite place is on the bench in front of the pot-bellied pigs.
Family H. / Family W.

The small bench in front of the closing for the teacup pigs …
here you can catch some sun and chat with Mr. Darcy in the meantime ;-)
Christine Z.

Favourite place at the campfire

At the campfire …
because there you can always have a chat with nice people, find something to eat
and Gustel often passes / gets past with his home-made schnapps.
Holger W.

At the campfire / the barbecue fire …
it is a pleasant place where you can always begin talks with new or well-known nice people.
Silke W.

… sitting around the barbecue fire
together with the farmer's family having a schnapps-tasting session

Favourite place on the tractor with farmer Gustl

My favourite place on the Franzenhof is the tractor
because I can drive together with Gustl in the forest and on the meadows and help him.
In my opinion, working with Gustl is the greatest holiday that I can spend.
Silas O.

My absolute favourite place is on the tractor with farmer Gustl.

Nico's and Lenny's favourite place is with Gustl on the tractor.
Martin S.

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Über uns

On the Franzenhof you are not a customer but a guest and you don't find any staff here but attentive hosts placing the demand on themselves that your holidays near the Lake Constance are special / high days for the whole family.

"There are no foreigners – only friends that we have not met yet."
(Irish Wisdom)

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