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The varied topography of the Deggenhausertal offers short walks with the baby carriage as well as long daily hiking.

The health resort Deggenhausertal does not offer positive bioclimatic conditions only but also high­grade gastronomy business and further interesting touristic offers – have a pleasant and relaxing holiday there!

Cycling tours from the farm are demanding from the sporting point of view because we live up the hill! A leisurely tour should be started down in the valley; there you will find wellestablished cycling paths.

Mountain path Höchsten

 The trip up the hill Höchsten is one of three premium hiking trails in the holiday region Gehrenberg­Bodensee that were certified in 2012 and it leads directly past the farm.

The premium hiking trails called ‘Bodensee Landgänge’ connect varied routes and userfriendly markings with spectacular viewpoints to result in a special hiking experience close to nature.

For impressions and routes consult

Swing path Deggenhausertal

The 5 km long swing path with 13 (!) different swing stops runs between Roggenbeuren and Urnau. The path is largely asphalted and thus passable with a baby carriage.

Topic paths

Waldlehrpfad Markdorf
The start is at the car park for hikers ‘Gehau’ at the end of the town in the direction of Meersburg, hiking time appr. 1 hour. In the woodland
‘Gehau’, there are boards with interesting information about the region, the forest and agriculture. The circular walk is often used for jogging and Nordic walking, too.

Teuringer Obstwegele
The start is at St­Martin­Platz in Oberteuringen, hiking time appr. 1 hour. The circular path through orchards includes information about fruit and its growing in the region of Lake Constance.

The start is in Deggenhausertal­Wittenhofen, hiking time appr. 1.5 – 2 hours. This meditative hiking trail is arranged in accordance with Francis of Assisi’s hymn to the sun.

Wilhelmsdorf, hiking time appr. 1.5 – 2 hours.  www.schwaebischer-heimatbund.de

Schwäbisch-Allemanischer Mundartweg with VIP path
The start is at the Berggasthof Höchsten (833 m above sea­level). The mountain ‘Höchsten’ offers the longest way to see over the Lake Constance to the Alpine peaks. The circular walk includes many interesting and funny information about the dialect of the region. Many VIPs have left their foot prints and signatures on the way.

medieval pilgrimage route in direction to Spanish Santiago de Compostela. On the section Nürnberg­ Einsiedeln (Switzerland), the route goes past the municipalities Oberteuringen and Markdorf in direction of Meersburg, past marvellous orchards and old pilgrimage chapels.

For further information on popular destinations, actual events and much more, consult the web site of Tourismusgemeinschaft Gehrenberg Bodensee.

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