Fragen und Antworte zum Urlaub auf dem Bauernhof, dem Franzenhof im Linzgau am Bodensee

Vacation on the farm

- Your questions - our answers

Maybe you still have questions about your planned
Holiday on the farm - the Franzenhof in Linzgau on Lake Constance?

Here are our answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Her family Markhart

If you decide to spend your holidays on our farm and specify your mail address, you will first get an electronic booking confirmation. In the next days, you will receive written documents by post. One copy of the booking confirmation shall be signed by you and returned to us; you can either fax it or scan it and send it by mail. We do also accept a photo of the signed confirmation.

In addition, a deposit amounting to 50 € must be made.

In case of very short-term bookings and bookings beyond Europe, we also accept an electronic confirmation.

Many of our guests make long-term bookings. So, of course, the case may arise that the booking will have to be cancelled later.

In case of cancellation, we withhold the deposit of 50 € as expense allowance. If the booking is cancelled until one month before arrival, you do not have to pay further costs. If you do not cancel the booking but postpone it, that means that you make a substitute booking at once, we will credit the deposit to your new booking.

If you have to cancel your booking within a period of one month before arrival, if you arrive delayed or must leave earlier, we will endeavour to look for a substitute booking immediately. If we do not succeed in finding new guests, we will have to invoice to you
80 % of the booking costs. Of course, the deposit is considered in this case. For that reason, we always recommend to take out a travel cancellation insurance.

Our prices include: all additional costs, bedlinen, hand and shower towels, final cleaning and WLAN.
Our leisure time equipment including horse riding is free of any charges. You only have to pay separately for our wellness area including sauna, infra red cabin and whirl pool. If you stay one week (= 7 days), you may enjoy our spa area free of any costs for one afternoon or evening. And if you stay one week, an interim cleaning free of any charges is included, too.    
Breakfast, if this service is offered and effectively booked, is invoiced supplementarily.
In Deggenhausertal, you don't have to pay any health resort tax until present.

On working days, you can arrive from 15:00 o'clock. If you intend to arrive later than 18:00 o'clock, you shall inform us in advance.

On the day of departure, you shall leave your apartment until 10:00 o'clock. Thereafter, you can take your time and say good-bye to all animals.

Especially on Saturdays when many guests leave and arrive, we need the time between 10:00 am and 03:00 pm to clean and prepare all apartments for you.

During the week and on days when an apartment is not booked on the same day, you may arrive earlier after having informed us personally. In this case, please take into consideration that our lunch break lasts from12:00 until 14:00 o'clock.

Conversely, you may stay longer if an apartment is not booked the same day. But in this case, you must contact us personally, too.

In the main season, between 15 June and 15 September, we do not accept arrival and departure on Sundays. During the rest of the year, you may also arrive and leave on Sundays. In this case, you may stay in your apartment until 12:00 am minimum, eventually even longer (if the apartment is not booked the same day). Since we do not work on Sundays, you may arrive from 05:00 pm only.

Of course, your children may ride on our small horses Gina, Fernando, Napoleon and Strizi.

During the tour around our farm (mostly on the day of arrival from 05:00 pm), you are informed about our animals and on how to behave on our farm. Those who are interested in horse riding may contact farmer Gustel and receive detailed information. Thereafter, you may take the small horses out of the barn or the paddock outside their periods of rest, brush them and go for a ride (according to your abilities freely or led on the reins). Those who want to do horse riding must wear a cycling helmet or a riding cap. We put such equipment at your disposal free of any costs, but it would be better if you brought your own helmets or caps if available.

Farmer Gustel offers guided horse riding twice a week. In this regard, he takes care that everybody interested in horse riding may participate at least once per his/her stay.

In our opinion, children under 3 years are not able to do horse-riding and consequently, they may not participate in guided horse riding.

Concerning teenagers and adults, our Haflinger mares Dina and Flicka as well as the Norwegian gelding Max are at their disposal.

In this regard, horse-riding is free of any costs and included in the booking price.
If you are interested in more horse-riding hours, you must pay a reasonable price for the horse tender that actually amounts to 15,00 € / hour.

All beds are changed when arriving. Hand and shower towels are put at your disposal, too. In the bathroom, you will find soap, shower gel, tissues and toilet paper.

Our kitchens offer complete equipment. We put at your disposal table linen and liquid for the dishwasher and doing the washing up.
Food, spices and consumer articles (such as coffee filter, baking parchment, tin foil …) are not put at your disposal. However, we do not empty the apartments from existing spices, salt, sugar and other consumer articles. But you are responsible for supplying new ones.

In our self-service cupboard, we offer to you eggs from our hens, canned sausage from our pigs, marmalade and honey from the region. In addition, you can buy fresh, seasonal vegetables. We also sell to you mineral water, different types of juices, regional beers and wines as well as our own liqueurs and schnapps.

On working-days, a baker delivers fresh rolls in the morning which you have to order the day before until 06:00 pm.

You pay your booking price minus the deposit made cash or by means of your EC-card before your departure. Transfers can be made before your arrival only.

You have got more questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us – we are looking forward to receiving your message!

Danke für Ihre Bilder!

Über uns

On the Franzenhof you are not a customer but a guest and you don't find any staff here but attentive hosts placing the demand on themselves that your holidays near the Lake Constance are special / high days for the whole family.

"There are no foreigners – only friends that we have not met yet."
(Irish Wisdom)

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